The services we deliver are limited. For example, we only do small repairs, we are not yet capable to replace an entire cell on you glider. On the other hand, we do deliver 100% of the tests needed to be sure you can fly safe.  These test are very accurate and will also help as input to make the necessary modifications so your glider performs at his best.

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Porosity testing

Line measurement and trimming

Since light gliders made their entrance, a porosity test is more important then before: light clothes are not only lighter but also thinner. (Although the coating process has become better)

We use a porosity meter from the Swiss company JDC (the reference in matter of porosity measurement) that measures how long it takes for a volume of air going trough the fabric.

We have a fixed installation that makes it possible to measure lines with a great precision and easiness. Every measurement is done twice to exclude (flatten out) the small error that could occur (2 mm / 10 m ). When modification (trimming) should necessary to the line set, a third and fourth measurement will be done, and so on… Trimming is only done when really needed and with the approval of the owner.

Line and tear resistance test

Small repairs, replace lineset, repacking reserve canopy.

This test will only be done on demand or if we doubt about the quality of the lines or the porosity test were really bad. Both tests are intrusive and need small repair (replacing the broken line or repair the tear)

A glider with bad porosity test will automatically induce a tear resistance test so we can make a better analysis if the glider is airworthy or not.

For the moment we will not do any repair with a sewingmachine, i.e. replace a cell form a paraglider. We can change a line or a whole lineset of your glider, patch a sigaret whole in the tissu or similar small repairs. Before carry out any repair, it will be discussed with you.

Reserve parachute repacking is done in accordance with the manufacturer’s specs. The reserve is placed in the harness and the whole setup is checked (attachments, length of the riser).