It all started in 2012 when flying ‘light paragliders’ in the high mountains. I broke so many lines and had so many small holes and rips when taking off that I had to repair them myself. The idea to start measuring lines professionally came up when I started to fly ‘2-line’ gliders: they are much more sensitive to collapses when variations occur (and they do occur).

Now we are able to measure the lines easily, precise and the quality of work is high and constant.

There is a cost to paragliders always becoming lighter and lighter over the years: the fabric degrades much faster than a few years ago. Porosity tests and tear tests help to know the status of your glider.

The services we offer for the moment:

  • Line measurement and optional trimming.
  • Porosity testing and tear test (optional when porosity test is bad).
  • Line break resistance (will start during the course of 2019).
  • Small repairs to the tissue (no sewing work for the moment).
  • Rigging/repack parachute.

I don’t remember exactly when, but it was last winter when I was discussing names with a friend who didn’t know anything about paragliding. “What? Paragarage?“ she asked. I never said it, but it sounded good, so I adopted the name.